Young women - 34 years old
Age34 years old
Height161 cm - 63 in
Weight91 kg - 201 lbs
Hair ColourBlack
Hair LengthLong
Eye ColourBlack
Measurements97-102-102 cm - 38-40-40 in
BustBig boobs
Sexual preferencebisexual
Sex PartsTrimmed sex
Body TypeBBW
Ethnic GroupAsian
It excites mepolite people
Doesn't turn me onimpolite people
Favourite PositionDoggy
Spoken language(s)English

Calla's sex cam and live chat

I have a very dominant but initially shy personality. If I don't know you I'll probably be more inclined to be bashful about my body. Once I get more comfortable with you, and we both genuinely (physically and intellectually) like what we see, I'm a bossy bitch that likes to get what she wants. I enjoy being showered with attention and gifts. Who the hell doesn't? I'm a weird cookie, tbh. A massive geek who likes to talk about geeky things and who has no filter when it comes to my flow of thought, regardless of how strange it is or may seem to others. My sense of humor can be considered "quirky" and "unconventional" at best. I am very rarely embarrassed, and the initial shyness doesn't stem from embarrassment but from a lack of familiarity with any given person. I like people that have conversations with me before getting right into the nitty gritty naked truth, pun intended. "I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want. Just fear me, love me. Do as I say and I will be your slave." Did I just date myself there? I'm the fucking Goblin King, baby. In the bedroom, I'm pretty kinky. I did used to be in The Lifestyle back before housewives everywhere were blessed with Fifty Shades of Grey, and have had my share of a few subs here and there. I do have a live-in slave, if you want to talk about that (but I probably won't unless you impress me). I'll play at being submissive as a teaser but would rather have all the control. I absolutely LOVE playing video games. I'm not a cute gamer girl, I'm a dysfunctional creature that holes up in a room for three days and emerges hissing at the light, cheeto stains around my mouth, puffy bags underneath my eyes, seeking Bengay for my stiff fingers and curled thumbs. I also like to talk about myself, so many of my sentences will begin with "I". What really gets me going is a woman experiencing a trance orgasm. That's pretty hot, and I'd like to give it to her. I also love the idea of mind-control and hypnosis (on others, not me). I do like hentai, but only with ahegao and kusogao; otherwise it's really boring to me. The crazier the ahe/kusogao look the better. Drooling, eye-rolling orgasms make me hot. The thought of someone having such an intense orgasm or being in such white-hot pleasure that they go stupid for it is ridiculously beautiful. Mind-break gets my pussy wet. I love control, but I love to tease. A lot of men and women get mad at that, but teasing is part of the control, so suck it up buttercup. I like women who are very submissive, shy, and eager to please. Women who don't question you, and do as I say when I say. Women that anticipate my wants and needs, not necessarily physically or sexually but domestically as well. I want to mold them into the perfect little love dolls. I am very attracted to that kind of personality. Physically for a woman, I am attracted to petite little things with large breasts, sensitive nipples and shaved pussies. Even better if those pussies are easy to get wet, in conjunction with everything from the above paragraphs. Gets ME wet just thinking about it. I like men that follow my lead but have a mind of their own. Men that can have differing opinions than me but obey regardless of them. Some hesitation is okay; obstinence is not. My taste in men are simple, though; don't act desperate but be desperate. Get easily hard. Get drunk with the pleasure of thinking about me sucking you off. Be tasteful about your show of desire towards me. Lust for me because you know I am the only thing in the world that you could ever want. That's hot as fuck, hahah. Oh, and both men and women that pay interest in me intellectually, not just physically, are a pretty delicious combo. If you're stupid and willfully ignorant, please go away. I have better things and better people to do. I will be kinky all fucking day, but scat and piss-play are NOT my thing. I'm not into diaper-play, not into incest-play, not into play that depicts small children. Genuinely praise me, worship me, that's what I want. I'm not looking for brats. I hate brats. With a passion. You should be reverant to your uppers, not mouthy or pouty. Bratty behavior gets me genuinely angry, and I will not tolerate it. Gross. Chances are, if you've fully read this far, I'll like you a lot.

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"SneakPeek" Rate$0.86To enter the private show for a few seconds (with no communication)
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